Paranormal Investigations: The Chateau at the Oregon Caves, An EVP from the dining room

BoOSS, completed a paranormal investigation in the Chateau at the Oregon Caves. The Chateau opened in 1934 and has a list of ghostly tales told by visitors who dare to stay the night and the staff who work at the lodge. Elizabeth is thought to be the resident ghost of a young woman who committed suicide at the lodge while on her honey moon and seems to play tricks on Angelo an employee at the Chateau. We found that other ghosts were present during the two nights of investigation and it included a man dressed in black as well as a young boy. Our group recorded EVPs of a woman in the dining room, a woman on the third floor and a child by the name of Jeramy. Additionally, orbs were unusually abundant on the third floor thought to be inhabited by a child's ghost as well as Elizabeth. Later, in the room where Elizabeth allegedly stayed, the night vision camera captured what sounds like shoes hitting the side of the wall, (some people suggest that Elizabeth may have hung herself.) Additionally, as one team member slept in a room on the second floor with a recorder, the sound of children saying, "What is it?" was recorded. While only a few of the EVPs are on this uTube segment the full investigation is available on DVD at amazon. com. The EVP of Don on this uTube segment is the woman's voice captured in the dining room on a digital recorder. Listen closely for her name, footsteps, whispering and a hit on the microphone of the digital recorder. This occurred after Neva Johnson ...
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