Marble Cave - Shpella mermert

This is the only touristic cave in Kosova, opened to the public in 1976, after a large amount of debris were removed. It is situated about 20km south of capital Prishtina,in the hill of Murtur,and by the river of Klysyra, it has been discovered by Ahmet Diti while he was doing some works nearby his house in 1969. It has been explored during the years 1970 by some speleological teams,but large part of this cave is still unexplored, because many passages are blocked from river deposits. Further explorations on this cave are possible, in both levels, in ground level and the first level aswell. It is long about 1200-1500m, but the touristic part is around 500m long, with guided tours almost every two hours. Caracteristic for this cave are the aragonite formations, and marble blocks of stone from which it takes the name, and it is very well decorated all over.
Город Шпелле

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