Dode Jones Farm Echoes Of The Past Thayer, MO

Dode Jones was an unusual man and he funded a small village over 40 years ago. This is the journey as we saw it. Amazingly, most people did not even know it was out in their own backyard! THIS IS THE ONLY VIDEO ON THE INTERNET ABOUT THIS PLACE! If you want to read the riveting story behind it, you may download it free here:funnestplaceintheworld.com Also, a newspaper report was issued and you can check it out here:www.areawidenews.com MY ORIGINAL REPORT it's on this site but you have to login and download it. I think the written story is perfect to read as you watch the video. There is so much in the story you don't get from just watching the video. PLAY THE VIDEO GAME HERE! melting-mindz.com
Город Сайлом-Спрингс (Арканзас)

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